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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 11/2008 (March 17, 2008)
CeBIT 2008 - new trends in telecommunications and IT. For many years CeBIT has been mapping out development of electronic industries in the world. This year we saw several forerunners of new technologies, and products that have a chance to become hits in the near future, as well.
The marked tendency revealed at the fair was increase of mobile multimedia market. Transfer rates of 100 Mbps available in mobile phones (LTE announced for 2009), OLED screens - consuming less energy, and more effective sources of energy - will mean cultural breakthrough, similar to that of GSM revolution. Low costs of broadcasting will allow the operators to offer many programs available all around the world. Video telephony and VOD will become really popular.
So far, many big companies, like Microsoft, Linksys, Netgear, promoted solutions based on fixed lines. In the future, home servers will be libraries with collections of films, music, computer games, and - at the same time - phone exchanges. Computer network will become the core of all communication and multimedia systems.
The trade fair confirmed strong position of IP cameras as important category of network devices. Majority of well known manufacturers of WLAN equipment have introduced (or will introduce) wireless cameras, as one of the main parts of the offers. Functionality of the devices will probably decide about elimination from the market of the traditional analog CCTV cameras.
Popularity of LFD (Large Format Display) will change the nature of advertising. Large screens connected to the Web and equipped with dedicated software will be able to react to the watcher changing the content (woman, man, child).
Current development of SSD (Solid State Disk) technology seems to be a turning point in their wider application. These flash-based memories will enable the designers to construct smaller, energetically efficient, and reliable mobile computers, with long life span. It is the beginning of cheap laptops and notebooks - well known companies offer them for USD 300-400, equipped with Linux or Windows OS.
Yet, the presentations of the innovations did not deny the fact that CeBIT ceased to be the main window on the world of newest technologies. There were many absentees - large corporations that did not show their offer. The producers of wireless equipment prefer Barcelona, manufacturers of consumer electronics choose CES in Las Vegas and IFA in Berlin. CeBIT becomes less attractive for the global players.

Report from CeBIT 2008.
CeBIT 2008 - was the new concept a success?
LFD (Large Format Display) technology may shortly dominate advertising market. The displays, operating in the Web, equipped with touch screens, enable the watchers to choose what they want, providing interactive commercials (the user can select any image available in the menu).
Reception of adjacent channels in large systems - channel converters. Due to limited selectivity of TV tuners, in the case of adjacent channels they should have practically the same levels (+/- 3dB), otherwise the stronger one will interfere the weaker, deteriorating the picture.
To eliminate the problem in professional installations, it is usually much easier to employ channel converters (or processors) than to equalize signal levels within the whole system (on the condition there are free channels left). They shift one of the adjacent channels to other chosen channel. DIPOL offers channel converters ALCAD CO-405 R905079. Channel converters have to cooperate with channel amplifiers ZG-401 R90517, which filter unwanted products of frequency conversion and ensure adequate signal levels.
Next week we will describe similar solution for smaller antenna systems.
Vena - UHF antenna allowing to receive very low signals. Dipol 94/21-69 Vena (A3380) UHF antenna (ch. 21-69) with high energetic gain (up to 18 dB) allows to receive broadcasts from distant transmitters.
Modern construction enables the installer to assemble the antenna several times quicker than similar arrays available in the market.
We recommend the article from the Library on proper selection of terrestrial TV antennas.
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 94/21-69 Vena
UHF antenna for professionals - Dipol 94/21-69 Vena A3380
Surge protection of CCTV devices. An effective method of protecting CCTV devices from lightning discharges is application of surge protectors, e.g. OPV-4 M17014. The device protects all four BNC inputs.
Each of the four paths consists of three stages:
  • gas arrester shunts the major part of electric charge to the ground and limits the input voltage to tens of volts,
  • time-delay circuit (transmission line) allows to prolong the effective operation time of the gas arrester,
  • low-voltage protective diodes limit the maximum voltage between wires to 2.4V, shunting the excessive charges to the ground
The internal structure of the M17014 surge protector
  • 1,2,3,4 - protected devices
  • A - gas arrester
  • B - time-delay circuit
  • C - protective diodes
  • D - grounding bolt
IP-based mobile video monitoring system. There are many customers who need mobile and easy to mount CCTV systems. The cameras and DVR should enable the installer to make the job as quickly as possible. The applications include various outdoor events, small trade fairs and exhibitions, commercial presentations etc.
A cost-effective solution is enabled by wireless IP cameras PiXORD P405W K1134. The cameras operate on the IEEE 802.11b/g standard. This standard allows to choose Ad-Hoc mode, available in each wireless card installed in a laptop or desktop PC. In this mode there is possibility of wireless connection between each camera and the computer without an access point.
The manufacturer provides free software for recording video on a PC which may be used as a digital video recorder (DVR). The system is fully portable.
Wireless MPEG-4 IP Camera: Pixord P405WWireless MPEG-4 IP Camera: Pixord P405W
Ad-Hoc monitoring system
Netstation as a part of "intelligent city" project. Professional software package - Netstation K3216 from Alnet - being an advanced IP network application designed for managing video and audio material in video surveillance systems, allows to count defined objects.
This option allows to count e.g. cars driving into/out of the city. The city services are capable of monitoring the traffic, plan diversions etc. This additional functionality is one of the "intelligent" solutions being the future of CCTV systems.
A screenshot from the application counting moving objects (in both directions)
Efficient Point-to-Point connections based on Aphelion 600AG N2412. Aphelion 600AG contains two independent transceivers. It has been specially designed for building IP CCTV installations and other highly efficient IP networks requiring QoS guarantee, such as VoIP telephony. The device can be used for creating efficient Backbone (trunk) with intelligent load balancing between two antennas, and Backup links.
Using the two radio modules it is possible to reach theoretical traffic capacity of 108 Mbps (real value of 40 Mbps) over large distances. There is also available 3300AG N2413 model, with three transceivers, ensuring 162/60 Mbps throughput.
The devices are suitable for the main backbones where short delay time and wide bandwidth are the main demands.
Access Point: Aphelion 600AG (two transceivers)
Thanks to short delay times and wide bandwidth the Aphelion devices are especially useful in video surveillance systems. The design incorporates features indispensable for operation in a chain of units, which allows to transmit the video signals from distant locations to the monitoring center.
Unique function of 600AG devices allowing to create TRUNK/BACKBONE connections thanks to parallel work of the wireless modules.
In this mode only one transceiver is normally active. The second one is switched on only if there are problems with connectivity. It ensures high reliability of the system.
Nomination for the Intertelecom 2008 Award. The digital video recorder ULTIMAX-716 M77160 has been nominated for the award of the 19th International Fair of Electronic Communication in Lodz, Poland, taking place between 8th and 10th of April, 2008.
ULTIMAX-716 M77160 is a new-generation CCTV recorder based on H.264/AVC compression. This type of deep compression is characterized by capability of providing good video quality at substantially lower bitrates than the previous standards. It allows to record D1 images (704 x 576) at 25 fps (PAL) from each channel (camera). It means that the ULTIMAX-716 M77160 (16 channels) is capable of recording up to 400 fps with D1 resolution. It can synchronously record up to 16 audio channels (OggVorbis compression, 16 Kbps) and support network transmission of one selectable channel (bidirectional voice communication or one-way voice broadcasting).
ULTIMAX-716 M77160 has huge storage potential - after installing eight HDDs with 2000GB (2TB) capacity each, the total disc space amounts to 16 TB.
The DVR fulfills state requirements for video coverage of mass events in Poland and majority of other countries. ULTIMAX DVR can work as stand-alone device, or be used to build powerful surveillance networks, widely used in banks, telecommunication companies, military installations, transportation, factories, warehouses etc. It is possible to create IP network of up to 16 DVRs, with remote access to each unit.
These versatile DVRs support many special functions allowing cooperation with POS terminals, ATM/cash machines etc. ULTIMAX-716 can get text/number strings through RS-232 or network port. The strings can be sent from devices such as ATM/cash machine, POS machine or others. DVR can paste the strings into the real time image and record. The same strings (entered from numeric keyboard) can be used as keys for searching the recorded files to play them back.

DIPOL at Intertelecom 2008 - see our virtual stand.
ULTIMAX - the market leader in digital CCTV recording
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