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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 4/2009 (Jan. 26, 2009)
The bright future of CMOS sensors in CCTV. In the last few years the range of application of the "classic" CCD image sensors and the newer CMOS solutions has radically changed.
The potential for development of CMOS technology proved to be so large that the sensors ceased to be typical for "second category" equipment and passed to the most high-tech cameras used in professional monitoring systems, including megapixel devices.The weaknesses of the sensors - low sensitivity, high noise levels, poor dynamic range and immature electronic shutter mechanism - have been overcome.
Other features of CMOS devices immediately placed them in the role of a dark horse - possibility of implementing all functions of image processing in a single highly-integrated silicon chip, capability of using higher frame rates, natural ability to drain localized overexposure without compromising the rest of the image, the ease of "on-chip" digital signal processing.
The latest Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) CMOS sensors provide dynamic limits exceeding those of CCDs. An example can be TC922 - 1/3" WDR image sensor developed by Texas Instruments. This device of SVGA resolution (exactly: 804 x 604 pixels) has 94dB dynamic range and features high sensitivity and low noise. The wide dynamic range has been achieved through the use at each pixel (size 5.6 x 5.6 mm) a special integration capacitor accumulating up to 200,000 electrons generated by the elementary photodiode (LOFIC technology). This allows to capture both the dark and the bright regions of the scene simultaneously (single exposure). The sensor operates at 50 or 60 frames per second (PAL/NTSC), in progressive scan mode.
An interesting idea to achieve high sensitivity and small pixel size is used by OmniVision Technologies, Inc. OmniBSI Technology (BSI - Back-Side Illumination) is the reversal of the regular CMOS technology - the image sensor is exposed to the light inside out i.e. from the side of the substrate. In contrast to conventional FSI technology (Front-Side Illumination), this solution eliminates the masking effect of metal and oxide elements of the structure necessary for its functioning. The sensitivity of the BSI sensor with pixel size of 1.4 x 1.4 um is much better than the FSI counterparts of the same raster, and often better than those of 1.7 x 1.7 um. A new product of the company is a very sensitive 1/5-inch sensor OV7740, dedicated for use in webcameras built-in laptops and netbooks, which are often used in low light conditions.
This CMOS sensor developed by Samsung has much better parameters than typical devices
available in the market. Thanks to a special shape and small pixel size (5.0 um)
it features an excellent resolution and sensitivity
ACTi is running a competition for the best video!!! ACTi Corp., the world's leader in IP CCTV solutions, has launched a competition for the best surveillance video captured with ACTi devices.
In each category, the winner will get freely chosen model of megapixel ACTi camera. There are the following categories:

Best image quality
Optimum video settings
Well-known building etc.

Presentation of a characteristic building, place etc. in the local area, e.g. Sukiennice in Krakow, Big Ben in London

Best integration solution
Integration with external applications e.g. image analysis system, cash machine
Best day/night operation
Optimum image quality during the day and at night
Special event
An interesting event shot by a surveillance camera
Max number of views
The number of visitors watching the video clip

Scoring rules:
For video - 80% (image quality and presentation of special functions).
For description - 20% (description of the system in 50 to 100 words).
General rules:
  • Single clip length: 30 to 60 seconds
  • Some moving objects
  • ACTi NVR recordings: RAW files, others - AVI files
  • The entries should be sent to this address
  • Deadline for submission of materials: February 20, 2009
  • Announcement of the results in the first five categories: March 2, 2009
  • Max number of views: ACTi monitors visits between March 2 and May 31, 2009
  • Announcement of the winner in the last category: June 1, 2009
Example video clip from ACTi PTZ camera:
Join the fun and win the valuable prizes!
RF distribution amplifier with return path - TERRA HA-204R65. The growing popularity of Internet access through cable TV networks made it necessary to build RF distribution systems with a return channel.
So far, the main problem was high cost of the amplifiers having return channels. A breakthrough in the market is the HA-204R65 R82308 broadband cable amplifier with active both distribution and return path. In addition, it provides an opportunity for correction of the characteristics of the cable in both directions. Characteristics forming is necessary, given the variety of cables used for transmitting RF signals.
This house/building amplifier is equipped with output stage using Gal-As semiconductor components, working in push-pull mode. The next innovation is driving stage, employing IC made of Si-Ge semiconductor. Such a solution significantly reduces non-linear distortions, especially of second order.
Main parameters:
- forward path: maximum output level (42 channels): 105 dBuV; gain: 37 dB,
- return path: maximum output level: 115 dBuV; gain: 27 dB.
The amplifier is recommended for all professional cable and MATV systems - it enables the operator to provide access to all modern services like Internet, VoIP, VoD.

TERRA products
Broadband Cable Amplifier: Terra HA-204R65
Broadband cable amplifier with return path
TERRA HA-204R65 R82308
Broadband Cable Amplifier: Terra HA-204R65
View of the inside of the HA-204R65 R82308 amplifier shows its superior quality
CCTV surveillance systems for housing developments. ULTIMAX DVRs provide optimum solutions for this purpose. A typical system consists of several DVRs located in some buildings, with a number of connected cameras. Partition of a larger system into subsystems makes it easy to install the necessary cabling. The signals from the local recorders can be forwarded to the Monitoring Center via wired network or through ULTIAIR access points dedicated for CCTV video transmission.
ULTIMAX DVRs are specially designed for effective video transmission in the Internt, with the use of efficient H.264 compression.
The DVRs allow for creating a dozen or so user accounts with individual access rights to specified cameras and some recorders' functions. In this way, it is possible to build a professional security system where the guard (with the client software) has access to view and control PTZ cameras, and the residents can only view the images from the cameras deployed in the surrounding areas (gateway, entrance to the building etc.), as well as from the kindergarten, playground etc.
In the case of more extensive CCTV systems which include a larger number DVRs and additional megapixel cameras it is recommended to use ULTISYSTEM software.
This concept has been implemented for a chain of automotive-supply stores. The CCTV system has been based on 50 ULTIMAX DVRs and transmission of the video to the monitoring center with the use of the Internet.
Color Day/Night Camera: SN-FX580 (SN-FXP0580XVD/V4-9),<br /> mechanic. switching IR filter, vandal proof ceiling housing Network DVR: ULTIMAX-504 (H.264, 4 channels)Day/Night Color Camera: SN-468C/W<br />(mechanically switching IR filter, w/o lens) Day/Night Lens: COMPUTAR TG4Z2813FCS-IR (2.8-12 mm, DC, F1.3) Outdoor Camera Housing: Marathon MH-806/12Camera Bracket: Marathon MH-610 (for outdoor housings)Speed Dome Camera: T2-SB36
Video monitoring of a housing development - the use of local DVRs reduces the amount of cabling required.
There is a possibility of backup recording of the data and managing the DVRs through the Center
ULTISYSTEM - unique and honored - Archive (part 1). ULTISYSTEM is a unique in the world surveillance software that allows to integrate local CCTV installations into city surveillance system.
One of the advantages of this software is both simple to use and advanced Archive, which is a tool for the management of recorded material.
Archive allows to review the images from all cameras (up to 32 channels) at the same time, which is not possible in the case of most of DVRs and NVR systems.
For each channel the system generates time list enabling easy search for an interesting moment. In addition, the search can be performed on the basis of movement in a section of the image from the camera.
Selected recordings can be easily exported to JPG format (pictures) or to AVI format (clips). With the included software tools it is possible to digitally correct picture/video parameters (brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation) of the transferred material.
A screenshot from Archive - ULTISYSTEM software
How to put the image from IQeye camera on a website? A major limitation of IP cameras is use of ActiveX to view the video on www. This is very inconvenient if we want to present something on the Internet in such a way that each visitor (regardless of the operating system and browser) can view the video from the camera. The problem is solved in the case of IqinVision cameras, like K1414 (1.3 Mpix) and K1424 (2.0 Mpix).
Megapixel IP Camera: IQinvision IQ042 (2.0 Mpix)
IQinVision IQ042
How to do it?

The camera has to be configured so that it can be accessed. It is enough to use the following code and save it in a .htm or .html file using any text editor, or add it to an existing page. Below there is a complete code written in Notepad:
The image on the page is downloaded from the IP address:, with resolution reduced four times and adjusted to the 320 x 256 window
Antennas for CDMA 450 MHz. The application of CDMA technology in the 450 MHz band allows to offer a wider range of services, such as broadband data transmission and VoIP. One of the modems through which it is possible to use the services is the router Axesstel MV410.
In the case of weak signal areas there is a need for using additional CDMA antennas.
DIPOL meets this need by offering ready to use antennas, together with a suitable length of cable and TNC connector for direct connection to the router.
CDMA service is available, among others, in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia, Estonia.
  • A6905- CDMA 450 antenna FREEDOM CDMA-5 400-470 MHz
  • (with 5m cable + TNC connector)
  • A6910- CDMA 450 antenna FREEDOM CDMA-10 400-470 MHz
  • (with 10m cable + TNC connector)
USB device as an Access Point? - Yes, using TP-LINK TL-WN422G N2921. In the latest issue we mentioned the "Access Point" function available in TP-LINK TL-WN422G wireless adapter. It is very useful during conferences, business meetings etc. The data can be encrypted and the access can be limited to the list of allowed MAC addresses.
The method of installation of TP-LINK wireless adapters has been described in Library, in the article Wireless adapter installation
(demonstration card: TP-Link TL-WN551G - PCI)

In order to exercise the Access Point function, after installing the card open the managing program from the taskbar:
View of the taskbar
In the main configuration window, in the "Mode" box select "Access Point". TP-LINK TL-WN422G becomes an Access Point. To configure this function click the "More Settings..." option.
In the main configuration window, in the "Mode" box select "Access Point"
Here you can configure the Access Point. You can choose: supported speed, operating channel, SSID etc.
  • Wireless Mode
    • 11/54 Mb/s Mixed Mode - 802.11b and 802.11g
    • 11 Mb/s - only 802.11b
    • 54 Mb/s - only 802.11g
  • Channel - one of 13 channels
  • SSID - maximum 32 characters
  • Hide SSID
  • WEP encoding (ON/OFF)
  • Mac Address Filter - list of allowed/denied MAC addresses
  • Bridge Adapter - possibility of bridging TP-LINK TL-WN422G and other card in the system to enable Internet access. Suppose that on the LAN port of the computer with the TL-WN422G card there is access to LAN and the Internet - using this option, the users connected to the USB Access Point will be able to access the network through this computer.
The configuration menu of the USB adapter TP-LINK TL-WN422G in Access Point mode
Blocking websites. TP-LINK has introduced in its products a function called Domain Filtering which can block any www site according to domain name.
The sites can be blocked during defined periods of the day. It is also possible to block all websites at some times.
Configuration of Domain Filtering in the Access Point TP-LINK TL-WR542G N2950:
First enable Firewall and Domain Filtering (in the Security/Firewall window tick Enable Firewall (the general firewall switch) and Enable Domain Filtering). Then go to Security/Domain Filtering, click Add New and enter the domains that should be blocked. To block all www sites leave the Domain Name blank.
In the above example:
1. is completely blocked.
2. All www sites are blocked between 15:00 and 19:00.
Perversely, I'd say: the crisis increases our chances - the interview with Tomas Sehnalek, the manager of DIPOL's affiliate in Czech Republic.

The crisis approaches and you open new store - isn't it a risky move?

During crisis people are giving more thought to their budget, they choose and buy quality and cost-effective products. Perversely, I'd say: the crisis increases our chances...

The interview with Tomas Sehnalek
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